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Computed Tomography

CT stands for Computed Tomography. CT gives detailed information of the body by taking cross-sectional images on a multi detector computed tomography. Like conventional x-ray, CT scan uses X- Ray radiation. Depending on the type of exam your physician orders, you may have to drink a flavoured liquid/ water before your examination (oral contrast), sometimes liquid has to be inserted per rectally along with intravenous injection of contrast material. Contrast allows for better visualization of  organs within the body.
A normal kidney function is necessary for the contrast to be removed from the body; therefore the radiologist will check your creatinine levels to ascertain your kidney function before administering the intra venous contrast.

The CT equipment has a table that goes through a “doughnut”. Examinations usually take couple of minutes and sometimes delayed images maybe required.Your scan will be interpreted by the Radiologist and your Physician will receive the results including the images.

Multi Detector CT includes whole body scan with coronary, peripheral, abdominal, thoracic, head and neck angiography along with guided biopsy/ FNAC/ drainage, CT cisternography, CT enterography / Enteroclysis.

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