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What is Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)?


The oral Glucose Tolerance Test involves the taking of three to four blood samples; one when you arrive (fasting for 8-14 hours) and others at the end of one, two and three hours after a glucose drink depending on the type of GTT (75 or 100 gms).


  • After the fasting blood has been taken and after you have taken the glucose drink, you will be required to remain in the hospital for 3 hours, at the end of one hour second blood specimen will be taken and every hour up to three hours.
  • Throughout the test (the 3 hours between the four blood samples), please observe the following
    • No Food
    • No Drinks (sweetened /unsweetened tea/coffee or any beverage).
    • No Smoking
    • No Exercise
    • Drink plain water.
  • Please report back to the Phlebotomy Outpatient Department in time to have your second blood sample (within 1 hour of glucose drink) taken and subsequently every hour till completion of test.

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