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SWITCH CLINIC – Launched by Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru

People suffering from Allergy are unaware of available tests and treatment in the management of allergy. Studies suggest that currently 20 to 30 % of the population is suffering from one or other forms of Allergy because of urbanization and lifestyle issues. This incidence is more common in school going children. Allergy as a condition is underestimated, underdiagnosed and undertreated because people are unaware of the unavailable tests and treatments in the management of allergy.

An allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction of our immune system to a non-specific antigens called allergens. The manifestation happens in various ways like running nose, nasal block, ear block, itching, sore throat, rashes , itching in the skin – Itch is a sensation that causes desire of reflex to Scratch. Bacterial and fungal infections, bites and stings, allergic reactions, sun exposure, dry skin cause itching. Respiratory manifestation of allergy is in the form of allergic bronchitis or bronchial asthma. The symptoms predominantly are dry cough, sometimes cough with whitish thick thread sputum, breathlessness on exertion, wheezing usually during early mornings and worsened by change in weather.

Dr. Soumya– Consultant ENT Surgeon, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru speaking about Allergy said “Allergy is mainly caused by allergens. Allergens may be of various types – pollen, dust, molds , fungus, food particles, animal dander, bird feathers, soaps and detergents and so on”

 “Neglecting early symptoms will worsen the case beyond repair of basic medical management especially for allergic rhinitis which can lead to bronchial asthma”saysDr. Avinash– Consultant Pulmonologist, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru. Neglecting in the treatment of asthmatic symptoms will in turn worsen the lung functions rapidly and also make the symptoms resistant to treatment.

Dr. Dayananda– Consultant Dermatologist, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru while describing about the treatment of these allergies said “ People suffering from allergy are unaware of the available tests and treatments in the management of allergy, people do blindly follow home-made remedies, treatment from quacks and unqualified persons. Nearly 30% of the Dermatology OPD patients have symptoms of itch and scratching”.

In the Interest of people suffering from allergy, there is a need to educate and inform people of the city of Mysuru about the causes, available tests and treatment of allergy which will help improve the quality of life. Thus, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru introduces one of its kind clinic called the APOLLO SWITCH Clinicfor the people of Mysuru.

“It’s a novel concept from Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru where in multiple specialties like ENT, Dermatology and Pulmonology are brought together as team under one roof to provide holistic and comprehensive care to the symptoms that arises due to allergen exposure. SWITCH stands for Sneezing,Wheezing and ITCH– Says Mr. N. G. Bharateesha Reddy– VP Operations & Unit Head, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru

SWITCH Clinic at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru will have an initial registration which will be followed by a questionnaire to assess the symptoms due to allergy. Initial blood investigation to assess the severity of allergy is followed by consultation with a Dermatologist, ENT specialist and a Pulmonologist for optimal assessment and treatment. Skin prick test will be done for select population to identify the specific allergen causing allergy and treatment provided accordingly. People of Mysuru can avail the benefits APOLLO SWITCH Clinic at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru because of the better infrastructure, expert team of Doctors, supportive dietician care, comprehensive assessment, cross consultation under one roof with emergency services, all lab & diagnostic investigations done at the hospital, patient education and counselling.

APOLLO SWITCH Clinic is available on all week days at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore for convenience.


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