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Vijaya Karnataka – Tummy Tuck

January 14, 2018

Worried about stomach fat and bulge?? And unable to work out? No worries, We here at Apollo provide the option of having a flat abdomen with surgical options.

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The baggy or bulge stomach/abdomen might be because of various causes.

  • Either because pregnancy, where child bearing will have enlarged the skin.
  • Too much fat deposited over time is another cause.
  • Stretch marks and bulges leading to sagging skin or increase in body mass results in awkwardness. Which lot of women after age 30-40 feel very uncomfortable, since they cannot wear certain type of clothes. Also the stretch marks make them less confident about themselves.

Since most people do not have time for rigorous exercise required to burn and get rid of the fat, we provide the surgical option to get a flat tummy. Also yoga and other exercises are a good way to burn the body and tone.


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