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Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru introduces GAAYA Clinic for all kinds of Wounds & Ulcers - Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore Go to Top
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Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru introduces GAAYA Clinic for all kinds of Wounds & Ulcers

August 6, 2018


A one stop solution for non-healing wounds

On the occasion of Plastic Surgery Day 2018, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru is happy to launch GAAYA CLINIC. It is estimated that in the city of Mysore alone, around 4,500 people have wounds that have not healed after  3 months also. This figure goes up to nearly 15,000 people for Mysore district alone every year. Nonhealing wounds/ ulcers don’t see any age, sex, caste or gender. Each person with a non-healing ulcer/ wound suffers pain, loses proteins, spends a lot of money on various treatments and also becomes depressed. However, the reasons for poor healing could be an infected bone, tuberculosis (TB), Diabetes, blocked blood vessels, damaged nerves or skin diseases etc. Identifying the cause remains a very crucial aspect for the treatment of these kinds of wounds and also people should be aware that not all wounds heal with dressing or ointment, even skin grafting may not be the option. We have noticed that people with non-healing wounds spend thousands of rupees in small instalments for dressings for years. They keep wandering from one doctor to another hoping for a cure.

Considering the need for the patients to get the best opinion in the city, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru launches GAAYA CLINIC. With this clinic now in the city, the cases will be treated with a team effort. It should also be noted that in these cases advanced techniques are required to cover the wounds and Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru’s Plastic Surgeons are best equipped for this. Patients will be able to get all opinions and investigations under one roof. The team of experts include Senior and experienced Plastic Surgeons, Diabetologists, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Interventional Radiologist, Vascular Surgeon, Anesthesiologst, Physiotherapists etc.

Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru is backed with modern techniques like Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Nanogel dressing etc. and some of which could be used at home to reduce cost. This Clinic is available on all week days in Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore for convenience.


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