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Apollo BGS Hospitals, MysorePercutaneous Spine Procedure

Percutaneous Spine Procedure

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Percutaneous Spine Procedure

This is an advanced spinal procedure wherein the spine is accessed via a 3 mm port, which is used to treat various spinal disorders like spine fracture and disc disorders. In old age osteoporotic spine fracture, artificial bone cement is deposited into the collapsed vertebral body utilizing a balloon. This technique is called ‘percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty’. In early disc bulges similar procedure is performed using ‘plasma current’ to evaporate the disc material. This is known as ‘Percutaneous Disc Nucleoplasty’ (PDN) procedure. These procedures are done under local anaesthesia as ‘day care’ procedures and the patient is sent home on the same day. Needless to say, these procedures are blood-less, scar- less, and pain less.

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